Most of the time the stress that we experience are our own doing. It’s like sailing a boat.

Dear Lord, help me to remember there is no distance between my heart and you. You are aware of all my hope and dreams. Lord, like a kaleisdoscope of balloons, I release each one to Your care. For only through You will hopes and dreams soar to heavenly heights. Amen. Susan Duke, When Gifts Have Wings

I’ve been a people pleaser since I was small. I just want everybody to like me. I will be what you want me to be. I will also try very hard to create an atmosphere free of chaos and hard feelings. I thought that was the best thing I can do. To conform to the likings of the very person I want to be associated or be friends with. It had been a never-ending struggle to keep everything in order for me. I thought the best measure was “to control every situation under with all might and will power.” But all the time, I was the one handing over control and power to others. This attitude has beaten the best of me. I usually felt like a bludgeoned boxer even though the first round hasn’t started yet. A loser by default. What I had done wrong echoed in my mind. I felt like I can’t get out of the rut. I kept on struggling to be out of it but I didn’t make any move to get out it also. It was comfy being in the rut. It may make sense for a while when people who are hurt tend to feel safe finding solace from further pain and hurts. But it won’t be helpful in the very long run, the truth is hiding or the worse ignoring the issue wont give him to step outside and move forward in facing the issue. If we keep on hiding or pretending that a particular problem doesn’t exist-the problem remains to exist and hound us. So what shall when we face our enemies or opponents. The following provides us step-by-step action in handling our “opponents”:

  1. Take a stand
  2. Explain your position to your “opponent”
  3. Give up your “opponent” to God
  4. If attacked, be prepared to love your “enemy”
  5. keep working on “your own” problems

Loving one’s enemy when attacked means not resisting evil and turning the other cheek; moving in close to the enemy and doing him positive good; and the last is praying for your enemy. The true ethics of love does come from God. God calls us to love our neighbor as much as we love ourselves.

I’m really busy and during these times I feel out of control. The good thing is God is always in control and I can give to Him all my worries, concerns, and anxieties. Who else can take care of all these things, the One who put to order all of the heavens and earth.

I thought it was my last day in my job training yesterday. I’ve already settled that if i’ll be kicked out it is not a judgement of who I am. There are many opportunities the world is offering to us, we just need to look around. It is just up to us to find our own niche and maintain an attitude of gratitude for whatever we come to receive.

I feel so energized this morning. Seeing how pleasant to eyes are the trees and hearing how soothing to the ears the chirps of the birds. These are some of the things that reminds us that the best things in life can be experienced in its simplest form. The joy of friendship, the warm sunshine, the cool rain touching your skin – all these offerred free without fancy wrappings. Enjoy them all to their truest form. And always remember to thank the Creator of all these things. Good morning Father and thank you!

Although God Himself is never rushed to perform His will on earth, there is one thing He does rush to. He rushes to the aid of His children. Often He does not intervene, however, until the lost child cries out for help. He rushes to answer the appeals for mercy from those who have walked their own way and suddenly find themselves trapped in their own snares. He is not willing that should perish, but He waits for us to use our wills to turn to Him.  – Shawn Craig, Between Sundays

The steps of the believer are steeped in constant change. Fingers are painfully peeled away from the security of sameness one at a time. Again and again. Great wisdom lies in freeing our fellow sojourners…cherished though they are. With hands freshly loosed we find liberty to embrace the One who will never change, and courage to release to Him those who ever will.

No love of the natural heart is safe unless the human heart has been satisfied by God first. – Oswald Chambers

Those who walk in truth will walk in liberty.